As ownership of personal devices becomes increasingly more common, the opportunity exists to use these devices to engage and educate students. Personal communication devices allow students to access information, collaborate with others, and demonstrate understanding. Carmel Clay Schools supports a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) environment.

Students are invited to use their personal devices in my class as directed, for educational purposes only. We will be using our devices to access Carmel Clay Schools databases and other online resources to help us research and create projects for class. Students will be expected to stay on-task or risk losing the privilege of bringing a device, and practicing classroom expectations with devices will be an ongoing process.

Personal communication devices that I allow in my classroom may include tablets, smartphones, or other handheld devices capable of accessing the internet. Students will be able to connect securely to our CCS network on their device, which provides the same filters we use on desktop computers throughout the district to keep kids safe online. Please note that students are required to continue following the Responsible Use Policy even when on a personal device, so please revisit this policy with your student prior to allowing them to bring in a device.

Carmel Clay Schools is not responsible for lost or stolen devices. I encourage students to clearly label their personal devices before bringing them to school. It is my expectation that students will use adequate virus protection and security measures on their personal device.

Please note that bringing personal devices to school is OPTIONAL! You are not obligated to purchase a device for your child. Because our class is held in a computer lab, every student will have access to a desktop computer. Handheld devices make it convenient for students to access resources when working in groups away from their workstation, and provide additional tools and apps, such as the camera, that students may find useful when creating projects or demonstrating what they’ve learned. As our class teaches students good 21st Century skills, having access to their personal device for learning is something they may encounter in other classrooms as well.

Since a lot of what we do revolves around collaboration in Canvas as well on materials in Google Docs, it’s recommended to install the (free) Canvas by Instructure app and Google Drive app to get the most out of using your BYOD device in class. Search your device’s app store for the official Canvas and Google Drive app.

The instructions for connecting to your CCS Google account vary slightly from connecting to a personal Google account. Use the instructions below to connect to the CCS version of your Google Drive app.

Be sure to bring your device fully charged to class for best results!