A New EdTech Adventure

May 28, 2014 | Posted in: personal reflection

Greetings! I’ve been MIA since my last post in February, but for good reason: I just returned from maternity leave! My daughter was born on February 20, and I returned to work yesterday after a glorious three month leave with her. Sorry it has been so quiet around here, but I’m sure you understand…

Though I was on leave, I still lurked on the #edtech and #edchat Twitter hashtags and pinned a bunch of things to save and address upon my return. And now that I’ve returned, a new edtech adventure is on the horizon for me; I will be teaching Digital Learning as well as Digital Video Production next school year at one of our middle schools. Though the instructional technology coaching position is going away, I am excited about the new challenges and getting to put a lot of the resources and ideas I’ve curated over the past four years to use in a classroom with students. Before I was an instructional technology coach I taught Computer Applications at the middle school level, so being a secondary tech teacher is familiar and something I truly enjoyed and am happy to get the opportunity to do again. Just THINK of all of the things I’ve learned in my current position that I now get to apply in a classroom!

It will probably be quiet again around here this summer as I enjoy time with my new baby and almost three-year-old son and start planning for next school year, but I’m looking forward to the direction this blog will go in August as I begin implementing the new digital learning curriculum. I hope to continue to share great edtech ideas for teachers, but I’ll also be able to share projects that we’re actually doing in class and what went well or didn’t go so well. Thanks for joining me on this new adventure, and see you next school year!

2 responses to “A New EdTech Adventure”

  1. Jenna Cooper says:

    I’m excited for your new adventure! I’ve always thought a secondary tech teacher would be super fun, just to be able to put these tools we’ve learned about to use like you said. You will be great at it, just like you are at everything else. :)

  2. Lesley says:

    Oh Jenna thank you, you’re so sweet. I’m nervous, but it’s an excited nervous and I can’t wait to tackle a new challenge!

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