Dec 11

December 11, 2014

ThingLink has EXPLODED in my Classroom!

I’ve really taken to ThingLink this school year in my classroom. I had tried it before, but I really found value in using ThingLink now that I’m back with students as a way to provide them a lot of independence to explore some hand-picked resources. I’d create the images and link up starter resources and tools to send students in the right direction to get them asking even more questions.

Last quarter I set up a ThingLink to share with my Digital Learning students a recent news story involving a copyright dispute over some monkey selfies. (You can see how this topic really hit home with kids and piqued their interest!) (more…)

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Jul 15

July 15, 2014

I Made Some Free Star Wars Inspired Digital Citizenship Posters

Free Star Wars inspired Digital Citizenship postersAs I mentioned in my previous post, I’m looking forward to going back into the classroom this upcoming school year to teach middle school Digital Learning and Digital Video Production. This past week I went in and checked out my classroom. The lab is a total blank canvas just itching for me to decorate! In the Digital Learning lab we’ll be focused on digital citizenship, basic troubleshooting, navigating resources effectively, and evaluating credible sources online. I felt like the room needed artwork that would refer to these topics, but of course with some geeky flair. So I started creating some of my own posters, mashing up my favorite Star Wars quotes with digital literacy concepts. I’m quite pleased with the results and thought other teachers out there would appreciate them, too! (more…)

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May 28

May 28, 2014

A New EdTech Adventure

Greetings! I’ve been MIA since my last post in February, but for good reason: I just returned from maternity leave! My daughter was born on February 20, and I returned to work yesterday after a glorious three month leave with her. Sorry it has been so quiet around here, but I’m sure you understand…

Though I was on leave, I still lurked on the #edtech and #edchat Twitter hashtags and pinned a bunch of things to save and address upon my return. And now that I’ve returned, a new edtech adventure is on the horizon for me; I will be teaching Digital Learning as well as Digital Video Production next school year at one of our middle schools. Though the instructional technology coaching position is going away, I am excited about the new challenges and getting to put a lot of the resources and ideas I’ve curated over the past four years to use in a classroom with students. (more…)

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Feb 04

February 4, 2014

Creative Commons Search: Find Content You Can Share, Use and Remix

Image from

When students need multimedia like images to use in their projects, I cringe at how quickly (and without a second thought) they do a Google Image search and pop the first thing they find right into their project and move on. While teaching students (and adults!) the importance of respecting copyright and attribution isn’t a new thing, it certainly has become more of a challenge in a world where we’re inundated with multimedia being shared all over the internet all the time, and the internet is such an integral part of our everyday routines.

Here’s where Creative Commons comes in. Authors can choose to publish their work under a Creative Commons license to adjust copyright stipulations, which may allow the work to be shared, used, or remixed by others. From the Creative Commons website: (more…)

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